General Information about KAUST

This is probably going to be a bit of a fractured post, but there was a bunch of stuff I wasn’t sure about before I came and for the life of me I could not find the answer to anywhere on the internet. Since my arrival a few weeks ago now I’ve learnt the answer… Continue reading General Information about KAUST

Recreation, activities and filling your spare time at KAUST

One thing which was a major concern to me before moving out to KAUST was the potential for boredom. In the UK I was living in the North East, working between home/Leeds/Bath and Liverpool and the majority of my friends were in Manchester or West Yorkshire. This meant that I was used to travelling around,… Continue reading Recreation, activities and filling your spare time at KAUST

Visiting Jeddah’s Malls

We’d been here about a week before we decided to travel to Jeddah to pick up some stuff we really needed for the house. Desperately needed. Couldn’t do without needed. Our list looked like this: Cutlery drawer Bin Bin bags Bowls Baking trays Writing paper and envelopes Ironing board Dog food and toys Clothes horse… Continue reading Visiting Jeddah’s Malls

KAUST for Vegans.

This was something I searched and searched for on the internet before I came and couldn’t find a thing, presumably out of six thousand residents there is more than me living off lovely plants on campus, but if so they don’t write much about it. So here you go: Saudi is VERY fond of meat.… Continue reading KAUST for Vegans.

Arriving at Jeddah airport and travelling to KAUST.

We flew from Manchester via Saudia airlines which was a six hour flight, as you can imagine this was something of a no frills journey and is most definitely dry. You will find watching a film is fairly difficult as scenes are edited or deleted altogether if they contain anything a bit risqué – I… Continue reading Arriving at Jeddah airport and travelling to KAUST.