Our house in KAUST.

As promised in my previous post, this is an overview of the two bed villa we have been given as our home in KAUST. For information on how the housing allocation process works please see the previous post, I will also write about the other types of houses on campus in a different post over the next few days.

So, floor plans:

image image

So as you can see there is TONS of room. You could easily swing an entire herd of cats in here. As you walk through your front door you have an office on your right, a downstairs loo on your left and the open plan living/dining room directly in front of you:



You can see through the hatch at the back of the dining room into the kitchen, which comes equipped with a dishwasher, microwave, oven/hob with extractor fan and a fridge/freezer. Also a ridiculous amount of cupboards (our chopping board had its own cupboard in a desperate attempt to fill them).

The living room has sliding doors and opens onto the garden which has a patio with table and chairs and a grassed area:

image image

Ours is narrow but the people who lived here before have planted it out beautifully so I’m not complaining! We intend to get a free standing hammock and a creeper to run over the patio shade frame to make it a little cosier.

Upstairs we have a second living room with a GIGANTIC balcony off it:image

I prefer this living room as its a bit cosier and, I’m going to be honest – the sofa is so comfortable it makes me want to nest there and never leave ๐Ÿ˜†. It works out okay for us though as Paul can watch sport downstairs and I can watch Netflix up here, perfect!

We also have a FRIKKIN gigantic bedroom with a walk in wardrobe room:

image image

And then a guest bedroom with ensuite:


As you can see everything is beautifully decorated in Arabic style, full marble floors throughout, lots of dark wood and lamps. Seriously there are so many lamps. Unless you have a strong emotional attachment to a lamp at home I advise you leave it there. Seriously, we have 15 lamps in this house. 15. On top of the three light settings in each room. WHO NEEDS THAT MANY LIGHT CHOICES, WHO? In summary, leave your lamps at home.

I’m excited for us to receive our air and sea shipments which will come in approx three weeks and three months respectively so I can start making the house a little more personal. Currently it is sort of like living in a hotel.

I will write about the other houses available soon, have a nice day!

8 thoughts on “Our house in KAUST.

    1. Hello! Sorry for my late reply, I’ve been away for a while and haven’t checked my blog. Curtains shouldn’t be a problem at all, I don’t think they encourage residents painting the houses themselves but I do know a few people who have so I don’t think it’s a big deal ๐Ÿ™‚


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