NaBloPoMo – try saying that with a gobful of grapes.


So just like that Halloween is over and it’s November. Next month it is Christmas. In two months it will be 2016. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED?! I’m fairly sure it was May about three days ago. Anyway, for the month of November the folks over at have set a daily blog challenge (I don’t know why the badge says 2012 – I’m just working with what I’ve been given). As this blog is in its infancy I thought it might be a good opportunity to take part and improve on my blogging, try and get a particular style or ‘voice’ for my blog rather than the inane ramblings it has been composed of this far. So stick with me, imaginary readers! Soon this will all improve and be slightly-less-banal if you can believe it.

I’m hoping to start to have some wider experiences of Saudi Arabia over the coming weeks/months and so whilst I will still be blogging about KAUST and the various goings-on here I hope to also write about time spent in Jeddah, Saudi culture, food, women, family life, traveling that we will be doing next year and so on. This will run alongside my account of life in a compound which I believe is still a valuable resource for people considering making the move here. So essentially what I am saying (I’m working on getting rid of the inane rambling, honest) is that I will be blogging about KAUST, day to day life, impressions of the kingdom, travel and all sorts.

I have a few topic ideas for the next few days but what would you like to read about? Get in touch and let me know, and in the meantime – happy November!

What do you think?

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