A short-but-sweet list about Saudi Arabia

For the month of November in addition to committing myself to NaBloPoMo I have also signed up to WordPress’ Writing and Blogging 101 classes. Madness? Maybe. But I’m (possibly naively) thinking that the three work alongside each other quite nicely. The posts I write linked to my writing and blogging prompts can be considered as my daily submission for NaBloPoMo, right? Even if that is not right, that’s what I’m doing because this is MY BLOG AND I DO WHAT I LIKE. Also, I’m fairly sure it’s just me reading it, at least until I decide I will let my parents read it. Either way I think World Blog Domination is a little way off yet.


Today’s writing task is to write a list. As a habitual list-writer this task is a lovely gift from the blog gods. I write lists to make lists, I write lists of things’ I’ve already done, just to feel the satisfaction of slowly crossing them out. I write lists for other people to do whether a list has been requested or not. I have been known to re-write a list if I think my handwriting isn’t neat enough.

Inspired by blogger Jessica Gross at Things We Like I have decided to list ‘ten things I like’ (..about Saudi Arabia to link in with my blogs theme). Here goes:

Ten Things I like about Saudi Arabia

  1. The seemingly impossible fluidity and chaos of the cars on the motorways.
  2. The burning orange orb hanging low in the vivid pink sky as the sun sets.
  3. Paddling in the warm waters at the beach and watching the silver fish darting around your feet.
  4. The warmth and openness of the Saudi people – the smiles that always reach the eyes.
  5. The rapid fire of Arabic in a busy place.
  6. The contrast of the green, sculptured gardens against the rough desert sands.
  7. The grandeur and quiet beauty of the mosques.
  8. The ‘whish-whish’ sound as a person in traditional dress walks by.
  9. The warming scents of spices flowing from the open doorway of a Saudi restaurant.
  10. The never-ending amount of contrasts I find on a daily basis with my life in the UK – reminding me how lucky I am to have this wonderful experience.

A list can serve a number of purposes, it can remind us of things we have forgotten, give us a structure of things we want to achieve, or simply give us clarity and a sense of organization.

I hope you enjoyed my list.



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