Choice – how it brought me from there, to here.

Today’s writing101 task is to work with a one-word prompt. The word I have picked is ‘choice’. This post outlines those choices I’ve made in the past twelve months that contributed to me being here, sitting at my desk in Saudi Arabia – 3276 miles away from my home.

I chose to give Paul a lift home from Leeds after work one night. I hadn’t seen him in three years. Last time I had seen him I was falling in love with him but I had been too scared of it. That was a choice too. He left to go traveling when I wouldn’t be with him. I was really nervous that night after work.

I chose to introduce him to my friends at a Halloween party. I was an undead bride, he was my undead groom. I knew he liked me because he let me put facepaint on him even though he ‘doesn’t believe’ in dressing up. My friends liked him.

I chose to be his girlfriend on the 19th December 2014 in a fancy hotel in Newcastle. He gave me Fleetwood Mac tickets and we drank rum. I got too drunk and told him I hated him. I didn’t.

I chose to try and break it off with him in January during a bad period of depression. I chose to not eat the meal he had cooked for me. I chose to tell him it wasn’t working. He chose to let me work through it and to wait for me. It didn’t take long.

I chose to take him home to meet my family. I chose to pretend to him my dad was called Steve even though he’s called Dave. Everyone laughed and laughed. My family liked him.

I chose a Gryffindor scarf from the gift shop when he took me to Harry Potter World.

I chose to seriously consider the notion of moving to Saudi when he asked me. I chose to encourage him to have the interview. ‘You might not even get it’.

I chose to congratulate him when he was offered the job. I chose to ignore my fears. I chose to go with him.

I chose to hand my notice in at work. I chose to tell my friends and family. I chose to try and explain my reasons why, when they didn’t want me to go.

I chose to have a leaving party. I chose to spend a lot of time with my family before I left. I chose to make sure I told everyone dear to me how much I love them.

I chose to get on the plane.

I chose to follow him. I chose to love him

I had a choice, I used my choice, I’m happy with my choice.

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