My House at KAUST – Four Bedroom House.

Next of my posts detailing the available housing here at KAUST. To see other houses see these links:

1 Bed Townhouse A, 1 Bed Townhouse B, 2 Bed Townhouse, 3 Bed Townhouse, 2 Bed House, 3 Bed House.

This post is for a four bed detatched villa aka MANSION.

The four bed villa may be allocated to a  family with three or more children. These are the biggest houses available on site for campus staff. The front gardens are very big and nicely planted out, and whilst I have not seen the back garden of one of these villa’s, I imagine they are fairly spacious.

You will have a large garage at the front of the house, a large entrance hall with a fantastic, curving staircase, two downstairs bathroom’s, a large open plan living/dining room with sliding doors leading out to the terrace and the garden. A study/ library, a guest bedroom with one of the downstairs bathrooms next door. There is a large kitchen with oven, dishwasher, microwave and fridge-freezer. A laundry room with a washer and a dryer, and a domestic help bedroom with single bed and ensuite bathroom.

Upstairs you will have a master bedroom with ensuite and a large closet room, then three bedrooms also ensuite and with closet rooms. a second living room on the hallway. The master Bedroom and one of the other bedrooms have an outdoor terrace. Floors are marble throughout.

Four Bed Layout

Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to blog about, and please follow my instagram @livinginarabia where I regularly post pictures of life in KAUST as well as in Jeddah and around Saudi Arabia 🙂

7 thoughts on “My House at KAUST – Four Bedroom House.

  1. Hello again. Thank you so much for posting all the information about the houses, it’s so useful as are all your blogs. My husband was provisionally offered a job at KAUST a week or so ago and we have been busy getting all the paperwork submitted. We have both really enjoyed reading all your postings. Do you happen to know if you can choose to go for a particular type of house? Best wishes C

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    1. Hi there! No problem at all, I’m just glad I can help. Congratulations to you and your husband, what an exciting change for you. Now starts the looooooong process of getting here hahahaha but don’t give up hope – it may take a bit of time but you will get here eventually 🙂
      You can’t choose your house no, it’s allocated to you by KAUST dependant on the size of your family. However after you have been here a year you can join a bidding process to move to another house if you wish. A lot of people actually do this to get a smaller place believe it or not because the houses are so big. Please let me know if you have any other questions or if there are particular things you’d like me to blog about 🙂

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  2. Hi Pippa! I always read your blog and I thank you very much for all the information you post. I’m an Italian girl and I will spend the next five months in KAUST as a business visitor. For this reason I won’t be offered a housing option. How can I find a place to stay in this period of time? Thanks for your kind help!! Best, Susi


    1. Hi Susi, so sorry for the delay of my reply – I have been out of the kingdom for a while. I guess you’re already here in KAUST and have seen the various options around, but for anyone else who is wondering the same thing…
      KAUST do have a dedicated bus service running back and forth to jeddah in the morning and in the evening for anyone who lives there rather than on campus. This would mean you have options of looking at housing in the various compounds of Jeddah, some of which are really nice.
      Alternatively we have the fishing village of Thuwal five minutes down the road from KAUST, now to be honest I’m not sure what the housing is like there but I have heard of people living there and driving in each day (or in your case Susi, being driven in) so I do know its plausible.
      Thirdly, we don’t live too far from King Abdullah Economic City which is about 20 minutes north of KAUST. They have a very nice hotel located there, as well as various housing options – so that could be another choice for anyone looking for housing nearby.
      Hope that helps! x


  3. Hi there. If I am an employee for a service provider, do you know if the housing at KAUST can be negotiated for as part of the accomodation? Also what are the options for schooling as KAUST English School seems to be for KAUST staff and students children. Hope you can help


  4. Hi there. We are in the application process for the postdoctoral fellow position. Professor has agreed for the offer but finding accommodation four our family of 4 kids seems to be problematic. In your opinion, how many of of such 4 bedroom villas are there? How about their availability for a postdoctoral research fellow?

    Best Regards,


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