Getting off Campus – the KAUST bus timetable.

In addition to the on-site bus which runs you round campus, KAUST also provide a service to take its residents into Jeddah, to various Malls or Souks – even better, this service is free.

As I’ve mentioned before driving in Jeddah is a horrific experience, so I’m happy to leave it to the trained professional bus drivers thanks. If you buy anything large-ish it is also easy to get it back to campus as it can be stored in the lower storage area for the journey back.

Make sure you make a note of where and at WHAT TIME the bus will pick you up to take you home. They will not wait for you and you don’t want to be left, panicking in the middle of Jeddah at 12 am with no idea to get home. (yes, that is the voice of experience you hear there).

This might be helpful if you are interested in knowing the times/destinations that the various buses in KAUST take you to on an evening/weekend. Remember to follow me on Instagram and let me know if there is anything else you would like me to post about!

OFF-Campus Bus Time Table

2 thoughts on “Getting off Campus – the KAUST bus timetable.

  1. Hi!! Thanks for doing this. I am considering moving my young family from Australia to KAUST for an adventure. I have a question: are there buses in the morning during the week from KAUST to Jeddah? My husband works in sales (advertising) and I am unsure he could get a job at KAUST but could possibly get one in Jeddah.

    If not, do people do the commute and what would the best option be?

    I hope you have an answer for me!

    Thanks so much!!


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