Beauty Salon and Hairdressers at KAUST

Just a short post to give some detailed information about the beauty salon at KAUST – the services offered and how much they charge.

Personally I have used their waxing, threading and manicurist services and they’ve all been great – I have heard some less than complimentary stories about the hairdressing aspect of the salon but I have not had my hair done myself so can’t confirm if this is true or not!

The ladies/mens salons are housed in separate buildings, they are in fact KAUST houses which have been converted to house the salons and they are both in the island district. The ladies salon is lovely and clean, they offer a range of beauty/cosmetic products to buy which is useful as Tamimi can be limited in that respect.

Below I have included the price lists of both the female and the male salons, as always if you have any questions please comment and let me know and feel free to follow me on Instagram (@livinginarabia) for regularly updated pictures of KAUST.

Womens Salon 2Womens Salon 1Mens Salon



2 thoughts on “Beauty Salon and Hairdressers at KAUST

  1. Hi Pip! Thanks so much for writing this blog. I moved to KAUST a couple of weeks ago and my other half is moving over in the next few weeks; your blog has been really helpful whilst preparing/packing to come over here. Is there any way I could PM/e-mail you to introduce myself and ask you a couple of KAUST questions?


    1. Hi Zan and welcome 🙂 I’m glad I’ve been some use to you. Please feel free to message me directly of course, I’m on the KAUST email system as Philippa Arkley so you can find me there. Speak to you soon


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