An overlook on the US Election that I wish I had posted prior to Wednesday night in the vain hope it might change someones mind.

I wrote this on Wednesday and actually forgot to post it – less than 24 hours later and Trump was officially President-elect. Heres what I thought, what I still do think, and why I am so sad at this decision:

I feel compelled to write something today, to update this little blog and to carry it on. It’s never going reach worldwide notoriety or become interstellar…but I’ve been approached by a solid handful of people here in KAUST recently to say that they have found Livinginarabia to be some sort of use when they were considering whether or not to move here. Which, my friends, is more than enough validation for me.


Also, I guess it’s kind of one of those days for reflection, for words, for nervous twiddling of thumbs, and for time wasting until we find out the outcome of the US election early tomorrow morning.


Coming from the UK and in the aftermath of the political car crash that 2016 has been for my country, I am anxious about tonight. Let me make it absolutely clear why #Istandwithher, as someone who lives in a Muslim country, as a woman, and as someone who supports, loves and champions the LGBT Community.


What it basically comes down to is that there is no other choice. None. Donald Trump is an underqualified, greedy, ruthless and ignorant candidate, his unhealthy views on gender, religion, race and sexual orientation are at best offensive and at worst, deeply dangerous for the youth of today.


His racist and marginalized rhetoric serves no purpose other than to increase the chances of disengaged young Muslims falling prey to the radical, extremist propaganda being spewed by ISIS. He is essentially helping the group achieve their goals by encouraging an America that is so full of blind fear, ignorance and hatred that it drives potential fighters and sympathizers directly into the hands of the enemy.


Trump is happily creating an Us/Them environment which is quickly approaching ‘ YA dystopian novel’ levels of sinister, how can you be surprised that you are driving young people away with the psychological (without forgetting the literal) walls which you are putting up?


Then we have the refugee crisis. Remember that time Donald Trump compared desperate men, women and children fleeing their war-torn homelands to a bunch of confectionary? Yeah that. I don’t think I need to elaborate any further.


Donald Trump on women – honestly, where do I begin. He is a creeping, calculating, self-assured ball of condescension who somehow, truly believes that he can ‘do anything’ to us. He finds absolutely nothing objectionable about calling women childish names, mocking their weight, their looks, their clothes. He assesses our ‘fuckability’, he implies a woman is on her period every time he feels to be on losing ground, and that time he said he’d date his own daughter, y’know if she wasn’t his daughter. Gross.


Then we have Trump vs the LGBT community. Again, it’s a pretty long list but some of my personal favorites include that he does not agree with same sex marriage (yawn, are we still doing this? Seriously its 2016), that he plans to rescind Obama’s great Transgender restroom achievements, his VP Pence is actively against the LQBT community and thinks a great idea would be if we sent young gay kids to shock conversion therapy – yes you read that right – to ‘fix’ them.

Andrew Kornylak

I spoke to my dad last night over skype and of course the conversation soon turned to the upcoming election. I was really sad when my dad said he hoped Trump would win ‘because it will be funny’. No. No no no no no. There’s nothing funny about the leader of the western world being a bloke who thinks women are there only to serve men, that if we’re fat or not beautiful that we are worth less. That if we are non-white we are worth less, that if we are non-hetero we are less, that if we are Muslim we are terrorists, that if we are Mexican we are immigrants…the list goes on.


The president of the united states is a figurehead for the 4,000,000 babies born in the US each year, do we honestly want those baby girls to think they can only get ahead by looking good, by allowing men to grab them by the pussy, or, even more terrifying – do we want those baby boys to think that behavior is acceptable? To see women as items? To think that if they love another boy that there is something wrong with them?


I don’t.


No, NO, HELL NO I don’t want that. What kind of world do we live in when diversity, change, progress, culture, originality, difference, and love is not embraced but scorned, shied away from, treated with distrust.


I am hoping against hope that the US are going to turn it round and make the only sane decision – Hilary Clinton to be president. Please, for the sake of babies everywhere – do not elect this man.



2 thoughts on “An overlook on the US Election that I wish I had posted prior to Wednesday night in the vain hope it might change someones mind.

  1. I am looking in to moving my American family to KAUST in the next few years, and devouring any information I can find that isn’t put out by the university itself. Thank you for your blog and THANK YOU for this post in particular. We’ve been mulling it over for a couple of years already, but since my husband and I both finish graduate degrees in 2017, a real plan is forming. I will be looking forward to future posts and am already following you on instagram. Thank you so much for your encouragement.

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    1. Sorry its taken me so long to reply Emily – my only excuse is that, well I’m a bit lazy!

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, we have a huge American community here and I know the outcome of the election was keenly (and sadly) felt for many of them. Being British, I can sort of understand after the whole Brexit debacle. But, as it always does, life goes on and it has done here – if anything the communities have rallied round and I can proudly say that no matter the racial connotations of the elections outcome – that is certainly not an attitude which is tolerated here.

      I wish you all the best of luck in your studies and all I can tell you is moving here was one of the best decisions I ever made, Do it, I’m certain you won’t regret it 🙂


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