Community Facilities – the Vet at KAUST

I decided to write a small series of posts about the extra community facilities we have here at KAUST. I’ve already covered a lot of the restaurants and recreation centers – but as far as day to day living goes, there are also some other handy services we have on site that all help to make living here that little bit more comfortable.


For any pet owners out there, there is a dedicated veterinary service and boarding facility for our four legged friends on Campus at KAUST. The Vet comes to campus twice a week and offers all the expected treatments procedures, including neutering, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments health check and microchipping.

Some of the pet supplies on sale at the vets

We adopted a dog in Saudi Arabia and we actually got her when she was a tiny puppy – 5 weeks, which ordinarily would be way too young but sadly her mother had been poisoned in Jeddah. I have to say that Walid (the vet) was incredibly helpful and professional, helping us care for Roxy and administering her vaccinations and so on and I have nothing but high praise for him.


The veterinary surgery also has a small shop of pet supplies which you can visit during opening hours, nothing fancy but they have specialist foods, small selection of toys for both cats and dogs, a few carry cages/crates and some grooming equipment. As with anything at KAUST – these things come and go so if your dog takes a particular liking to a type of treat its worth your while buying a few bags as no-one can sure when (or if) they will be back again.

The boarding facility is relatively new and seems to have been met with mixed reviews. The kennels themselves are clean and spacious and have an indoor (with AC) and an outdoor section which is great. However, I don’t think they are staffed that regularly and it maybe comes down to a volunteer or two nipping down a couple of times a day to check on the dogs and make sure they have water. Not particularly ideal if your dog is easily stressed out by being either isolated, or in an unfamiliar environment.

Pet boarding facilities at KAUST

We did use the kennels once and they seemed fine, although the dog had wet in her crate and it had been left which wasn’t great. Luckily we have an amazing family here on site who do look after her most of the time we are away – but I recognize that we are very lucky in that respect! In summary I guess I view the kennels of a great second option for our vacation time.

I intend on writing a separate post on the logistics of having a dog here; shipping a dog to KAUST, space to walk, cultural reception, rules, regulations and so on. Hopefully that should be up on the site within the next couple of days.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, or any suggestions about a different post and what I could cover! As always for more pictures please follow my Instagram @livinginarabia and otherwise, have a wonderful day!

4 thoughts on “Community Facilities – the Vet at KAUST

  1. Ey, Hello…

    Do you know if in KAUST I can go with my small dog. It is a small race and I dont´n know if is acceptable in the University, I go to start at job in January.

    Many thanks.


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