A Revival.

I think it may have been almost 3 years since I last posted on this blog. Thats not to say I haven’t thought of it from time to time – because I have, but more like the half-knitted scarf abandoned in the bottom of my wardrobe. Or the Arabic classes begun – with the utmost of good intentions, enthusiasm and vigor – which over time dissipated as I floundered and slowly lost interest.

Its not even that I lost interest in this blog; writing is cathartic for me, it creates some space in my sometimes crowded mind – I guess it was more that I felt I maybe didn’t have much else of interest to write ABOUT. I had passed as much knowledge as I had onto other’s considering or curious about the move to KAUST, or so I thought.

(Also, there was the small matter of having a baby – I KNOW right, who saw that one coming – and supporting a loved one through cancer which I guess has been keeping me busy over these past few years.)

Something changed today. I was approached by three different couples, recently arrived to KAUST, who thanked me for the information they found here and let me know that it was a huge help to them, for various reasons. I have to admit, I was a little taken aback – I didn’t even think this blog still really ‘existed’, I mean I stopped paying wordpress and I suppose I thought it slowly evaporated into the vastness of the internet. But it appears it didn’t, and after having been made aware that people are still finding useful information from me, from my experiences back then, and from my journey – it is enough for me to test the waters once more.

So, with no great fanfare, with no grandiose announcement, with no pomp and ceremony; I’m back.

Its time to write again.

Much has changed, in both me, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in KAUST, since the last time I wrote towards the end of 2016. I drive now – that was a really defining moment for me. We have concerts here, we have a vegan prince, we have cinemas, we have an exciting sensation of growth, openness and optimism which seems to be growing day by day.

Equally, some things have not changed so much, I still spend a great deal of my time complaining about the heat and talking about how sweaty I am when I am feeling awkward (its a journey though right), we are still traveling, we are still learning and we are still growing.

The biggest change happened, but now feels exactly how it should be; almost like nothing changed at all:


I’m excited to be back. I will use this space to continue talking about KAUST, our lives here, our time in Saudi Arabia, our travels in Kingdom and beyond – so as always, any particular subjects that would be good for me to cover please comment below…and I suppose I best dust off that old instagram account whilst I’m at it too @livinginarabia – follow for more visual content then I post here.

Until my next post, have a good one!

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