A look at KAUST Community – video.

I am in the process of writing up my recent trip to Sri Lanka, but its taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R – partly because it was amazing and I want to make sure I get everything in. Also partly because I have a 20 month old who will not leave me alone long enough to eat a bowl of cereal, let alone write a lengthy blog post. But its getting there, sort of, I promise.


In the meantime, we had an intern working in our division recently through the WISE program that KAUST offers each year for young people, and he made a really cool video that I thought I would share. It looks at the community aspect of KAUST, recreation and what we do for fun. I think its beautifully made and gives a good idea of the campus we live on. So, if you’re considering moving here – or even if you’re just nosy – give it a watch!


As always, any questions please comment. Follow me on instagram @livinginarabia for more content (way faster to post a photo on instagram, despite the toddler!).

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