From the Red Sea to Riyadh – So Long KAUST!

Guess who’s back, back again, livinginarabia’s back – tell a friend. HELLO INTERNET, it’s been a while. Funny that my ‘revival’ lasted for an entire two posts, but I am actually coming back this time – I promise.

We’ve been busy making human’s/trying to not then murder those humans while in a six week quarantine (!) where we couldn’t leave the house/planning a wedding/cancelling said wedding/living our lives amongst the global shitshow we’ve been in for the past 18 months since I last posted and, amongst all that, abandoning this poor blog once again. Sorry baby, I’ll do better this time, I’m a changed blogger etc etc.

I also changed jobs, then left my job, set up a business oh and LEFT KAUST. So yeah, it’s been a lot. Do not fear though, we left KAUST but we did not leave Saudi – meaning my banal observations about life in the Middle East can continue, you are so welcome!

‘Knackered Old Mam Takes Two Young Children on a Plane: Chaos Ensues’

We relocated to Riyadh in March, and let me tell you – moving across country with two children, a dog, a car, and a houseful of useless shit that has amalgamated over the six years we have lived in Kingdom was exactly as one would imagine; an absolute nightmare. The horror, I actually just felt a little bit sick thinking about moving house – its still so fresh, the wound so raw, the shitshow so memorable. In summary let’s hope I like Riyadh because I’m basically never leaving again.

I’m going to start writing once more, there is a lot to write about now, and my mental health seems to improve – marginally – when I am creating. So, here we go.

I have made a list of topics I would like to cover – there are some KAUST-related posts as well as relocating posts, and of course I will write about our new stomping ground, as we discover what Riyadh has to offer. If you can suggest any more topics, or have questions – you know the drill; pop a question in the comments below.

  • Having a baby in Saudi Arabia
  • Lockdown in Saudi Arabia
  • Entertaining young kids in KAUST
  • Restaurants in KAUST
  • Thuwal
  • Daytrips from KAUST
  • Whale Sharks in the Red Sea
  • Buying a used car in Saudi Arabia
  • Moving to Riyadh
  • Choosing a compound in Riyadh
  • Ramadan for expat’s in Saudi Arabia
  • Driving for women in Saudi Arabia

Finally, shout out to TP, newest member of the gang, lockdown baby extraordinaire, happiest child in the land who will be turning one in a fortnights time and hasn’t met any family or friends because we haven’t been able to go home since December 2019. Covid no-one likes you, we all talk about you behind your back and you have no friends, please leave.

Team Chaos.

One thought on “From the Red Sea to Riyadh – So Long KAUST!

  1. Hello, Such an amazing blog from red sea to Riyadh – So long KAUST!!. Keep sharing such an informative experiences that can be helpful for expatriates.
    Thank You.


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