About me.

Hi there.

I guess I should give you some background on who I am, where I live, and why I think it’s necessary to publish an account about my life.

Who I am.

Hi, I’m Pippa. I’m not-quite-thirty, I’m English and my most interesting fact is that I once won first place in a dog competition, category – ‘owner that looks most like their dog’.

Here I am, you can assess that whether that was a fair victory for yourself:


In an effort to not bore you to death here are some quick fire points of information about me.

I sleep a LOT, I’m vegan and yeah it’s for the animals, I like singing and imagining I’m in music videos in my head, I’m a feminist, I have tattoos but not as many as I want, I like thinking about going to the gym and getting really stacked but then in reality I just lie on the sofa eating falafel and watching New Girl, I have a dog that I bloody LOVE called sookie (she’s in the picture up there, look how cute she is!)and I had to leave her in England with my dad and I miss her tonnes and tonnes, my favourite author is Neil Gaiman, my favourite band is Brand New, I really like fresh bedsheets, I’m good at frisbee and I only just got into The Smiths six months ago.

Where I live.

I currently live and work in Saudi Arabia at King Abdullah’s University of Science and Technology on the Red Sea coast near a city called Jeddah.

I live here with my other half, who also works at KAUST. We foster a one eared street dog called SuSu and we have daily arguments about the correct way to fold a towel.

Why does anyone even want to read this blog?

(They probably don’t)

Buuuuuuut when I was looking at moving here, I found KAUST blogs very helpful so maybe I can help other potential newbies in making up their own minds about whether to take the leap.

I want to blog about my time here and not just about KAUST, about expat life in general so if inane ramblings about bad traffic and heat are your thing, you should probably follow me.
Hope that clears things up a bit.

Pip x

19 thoughts on “About me.

  1. I’m loving reading your blog. It’s brilliant. I’m waiting to hear if I am moving to KAUST and you have covered so many questions I had! Such a great read- thanks!


    1. Its great to hear that kind of feedback – thank you! Good luck with your application. Please do get in touch if there is anything specific you’d like to know – more than happy to help 🙂


      1. Hi
        Looking forward to hearing about your break in Dubai, and how easy it is to get there for the weekend generally. Also, at some stage it would be great to hear a little more about bikes and scooters for getting around KAUST and whether a cycle is something more easily purchased once there rather than bringing one with you.Thanks for the awesome info so far!


      2. Hi Dianne, thanks for reading! I will update at some point today about Dubai and the journey to/from. Great suggestion about the bikes and scooters, I’ll try to answer all your questions in a post by the end of the week 🙂


  2. Hi! Thanks for writing, I found there answers on almost all questions that I had and more.
    Could you please help me with a few little bit weird questions about KAUST? I would be very thankful if I could ask them privately (e.g. in facebook message?)
    I am moving to KAUST in august for a PhD program in Chemical Sciense, so maybe we will meet and make friends offline some day 🙂


  3. Hi Pippa, congratulations for your blog on KAUST! Very informative! I might ask you some extra info about living there 🙂

    take care!



  4. Hi Pip

    Love your blog, super useful in researching potential move to KAUST! I spent part of my childhood in Kuwait and Dubai and then was a trailing spouse in Jeddah 1997-2001. We have a visit and an interview coming up so will continue to explore your blog and Instagram – many thanks.


    PS I created a website while I was in Jeddah all those years ago, from my work wiring Jeddah Today – link below for a blast from the past! Looking forward to seeing what’s changed and what’s the same!


    1. Hi Ginny, thanks so much for your comment, how cool that you’ve had such an experience in Saudi already, it will definitely hold you in good stead for living in KAUST! It would be really interesting to read your website – but the link didn’t work, could you send it again???


      1. Hi Pip

        Enjoying researching and looking forward to visiting and having a quick explore.

        Can’t see the link now but imagine it was my clumsy typing on my phone – should have been http://www.geocities.ws/jeddahinfo. It looks archaic now – it was one of the earliest non-techie web design programmes!

        Thanks again for your blog – Jordan is on my list of stamps I want in my passport!



  5. Hi Pippa,

    congratulations for your blog! Ihave spent two days reading it 🙂

    May I ask you how hard/easy is to go in and out of KAUST? I mean, do you need permission also to leave the country? how long it takes?

    thanks a lot!



    1. Hi roberto, apologies for my late reply, I have been on vacation 🙂 once you have your iqama (your residency permit) which takes approx four weeks after arrival to be processed you can exit/enter the country no problem at all. You need to fill out an exit/entry visa online which is very easy to do and keep a printed copy version for travelling in and out of the airport – although to be honest we have never been asked for it yet!


  6. Hi Pippa!

    Thank you for your blog. I’m moving to KAUST next week and I’ve found your posts really useful and encouraging. I’m rather exited, but also quite worried due to the terrorist attacks in Madinah and even Jeddah. May I ask you for your thoughts about it? Is KAUST safe enough? What about possible travels? I mean — you have several post about visiting other countries and stuff, but do you think is safe to leave KAUST for travelling? Sorry, I know they are many questions.

    Thanks again for your posts!

    José Mª


    1. Hi José,
      Thanks for reading 🙂
      Your comment actually inspired my new blog post so please go read my latest post and I’m sorry it wasn’t sooner – I have been away!
      I hope you’re enjoying your time at KAUST so far.


  7. Hi Pippa!

    Thank you for your blog. I’m moving to KAUST next week and I’m find your post really useful and encouraging. I’m rather excited about the travel, but also quite worried due to the last news — attacks on Madinah and even Jeddah… May I ask you for your thoughts about it? How safe is KAUST? And what about travelling? I wanted to visit some Saudi cities, but now I’m somehow apprehensive.

    Thank you again and congratulations for your blog!

    José Mª


  8. Hola!!!! I am Cecilia (a spanish woman who live in US) Thank you for sharing with us your experience. I think you are so generous. I found your blog today and I am spending my Sunday reading your stories. My husband and I are moving to KAUST in January, so you can understand my mood….hahaha. I would like make contact with you becasue I still have questions (even after read your posts) and I ‘m wondering if I can contact you by mail or messenger to ask you specific issues. We are excited about moving to Saudi Arabia and I can not wait to know everything about the life in that country.

    Thank you!

    (Sorry about some mistakes. I am working on improving my English)


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