From the Red Sea to Riyadh – So Long KAUST!

Guess who’s back, back again, livinginarabia’s back – tell a friend. HELLO INTERNET, it’s been a while. Funny that my ‘revival’ lasted for an entire two posts, but I am actually coming back this time – I promise. We’ve been busy making human’s/trying to not then murder those humans while in a six week quarantine… Continue reading From the Red Sea to Riyadh – So Long KAUST!

A look at KAUST Community – video.

I am in the process of writing up my recent trip to Sri Lanka, but its taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R – partly because it was amazing and I want to make sure I get everything in. Also partly because I have a 20 month old who will not leave me alone long enough to eat a bowl… Continue reading A look at KAUST Community – video.

A Revival.

I think it may have been almost 3 years since I last posted on this blog. Thats not to say I haven’t thought of it from time to time – because I have, but more like the half-knitted scarf abandoned in the bottom of my wardrobe. Or the Arabic classes begun – with the utmost… Continue reading A Revival.

After the dust settles.

I haven’t posted for while, I guess that’s more to do with life here in KAUST and KSA in general becoming more of a ‘normality’ than a novelty anymore. Which of course is a great thing! It means I’m settling in, feeling at home, I have a routine, a circle of friends, hobbies, and of… Continue reading After the dust settles.