From the Red Sea to Riyadh – So Long KAUST!

Guess who’s back, back again, livinginarabia’s back – tell a friend. HELLO INTERNET, it’s been a while. Funny that my ‘revival’ lasted for an entire two posts, but I am actually coming back this time – I promise. We’ve been busy making human’s/trying to not then murder those humans while in a six week quarantine… Continue reading From the Red Sea to Riyadh – So Long KAUST!

A look at KAUST Community – video.

I am in the process of writing up my recent trip to Sri Lanka, but its taking F-O-R-E-V-E-R – partly because it was amazing and I want to make sure I get everything in. Also partly because I have a 20 month old who will not leave me alone long enough to eat a bowl… Continue reading A look at KAUST Community – video.

A Revival.

I think it may have been almost 3 years since I last posted on this blog. Thats not to say I haven’t thought of it from time to time – because I have, but more like the half-knitted scarf abandoned in the bottom of my wardrobe. Or the Arabic classes begun – with the utmost… Continue reading A Revival.

Jeddah Book Fair 2016

Ok so maybe a book fair doesn’t sound the most THRILLING of days out but bear with me, firstly because I love books, secondly because I work in a library, and thirdly because, well I live in Saudi Arabia – how many new and exciting days out do you really think are going on round… Continue reading Jeddah Book Fair 2016

After the dust settles.

I haven’t posted for while, I guess that’s more to do with life here in KAUST and KSA in general becoming more of a ‘normality’ than a novelty anymore. Which of course is a great thing! It means I’m settling in, feeling at home, I have a routine, a circle of friends, hobbies, and of… Continue reading After the dust settles.

Sweets to the sweet – Hamlet comes to KAUST.

Yesterday evening we excitedly filtered in to the Campus auditorium ready for a theatrical treat – The Globe theatre, England had come all the way to KAUST to perform Hamlet for us – and what a treat it was… The globe are mid-way through their world tour, delivering Shakespeare to every single country in the… Continue reading Sweets to the sweet – Hamlet comes to KAUST.

Escaping and Exploring – travelling at KAUST.

One of the main reasons I agreed to move to KAUST when the offer came up was the opportunity it provided for travel. Basically, being based in the centre of the Middle East probably means I’m going to have the opportunity to travel to places nearby that I may have not considered had I still… Continue reading Escaping and Exploring – travelling at KAUST.

A weekend trip to Dubai – tackling Jeddah Airport.

As mentioned in an earlier post here we were unable to take any annual leave over Christmas time to go home as we were still within out three month probation period, so rather than staying in an extremely quiet KAUST, we decided to go to Dubai for the weekend. We were lucky enough to be able… Continue reading A weekend trip to Dubai – tackling Jeddah Airport.

Christmas in the Desert.

You might imagine that celebrating Christmas in the desert is sort of difficult and doesn’t actually feel all that festive right, as a result of the sand, the sun and the absence of any Christmas goods? Well yeah, you’d be absolutely correct. Today is the 21st of December, I’m wearing a t-shirt, I have sunburn,… Continue reading Christmas in the Desert.

KAUST Packing List – What To Put In Your Air Shipment.

Second in my KAUST packing list posts – what to pack in your air shipment for KAUST. Obviously once you are here you can take a trip to Jeddah and buy almost anything you want, but these are the things I was grateful for or wish I had included, when my first shipment arrived. I… Continue reading KAUST Packing List – What To Put In Your Air Shipment.